Sentence Examples with the word disillusioned

In 1851 he went to America, but soon returned disillusioned to Germany, and published an account of his travels.

On the whole, the new Duma was fairly representative of the changed temper of the Russian people, disillusioned and weary of anarchy.

Here, in confidence begotten of friendly chats over afternoon tea, the disillusioned autocrat confessed his mistake.

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The principle of examination, the reasoned analysis of human conditions and the discussion of causes, far from culminating in disillusioned nihilism, everywhere aroused the democratic spirit, the life of sentiment and of human feeling: in the drama, with Marivaux, Diderot and La Chausse; in art, with Chardin and Greuze; and in the salons, in view of the suppression of privilege.

This expriest, this disillusioned Jacobin and skilful spinner of cobweb constitutions, enjoyed for a time the chief reputation in France.

And adherents among the disillusioned followers of the the JanFronde, the Gallican clergy, the higher nobility, even senists.

The Queensland government assisted some of the disillusioned to escape from the paradise which proved a prison; some managed to get away on their own account; and those that have remained have split into as many settlements almost as there are settlers.

He died on the 17th of June 1696, a disillusioned and broken-hearted old man.

But the defeat of his plans disillusioned him, and he turned to reform.

Pericles may now have hoped to resume his aggressive policy in Greece Proper, but the events of the following years completely disillusioned him.