Sentence Examples with the word disheartened

Seized Mainx, and Forster - already disheartened by the turn of events in France - was cut off from all return.

Thither On the next day the victorious Vitellians followed them, but only to come to terms at once with their disheartened enemy, and to be welcomed into the camp as friends.

Cattle-breeders did well in 1889, but sheep-breeders fared better; on the other hand, owing to receding prices, corngrowers were more disheartened than ever.

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He was disheartened that Dean had no intention of running over to the crime scene, where Dean had no business whatsoever.

Capturing Rochester castle, John met with some other successes, and the disheartened barons invited Louis, son of Philip Augustus of France and afterwards king as Louis VIII., to take the English crown.

He was harassed with debt and at times so disheartened that he contemplated retirement from public life.

But Pappenheim fell in the moment of victory and his death disheartened the Imperialists almost as much as the fall of Gustavus had disheartened the Swedes.

This so disheartened the king and the council that controlled him that they concluded a two years truce with Robert of Scotland, thus for the first time acknowledging him as a regular enemy and no mere rebel (1319).

He dissuaded the Romans, disheartened by the devastation wrought by the Gauls, from migrating to Veii, and induced them to rebuild the city.

The Italian infantry, waiting under a crushing bombardment, were puzzled and disheartened by the silence of their own guns.