Sentence Examples with the word disembodied

Finally, the same cause, a relaxation of tension, accounts for sleep, decay and death of man and for the dissolution of the world; after death the disembodied soul can only maintain its separate existence, even for a limited time, by mounting to that region of the universe which is akin to its nature.

Paul's shrinking from the disembodied state and longing to be clothed upon at death in 2 Cor.

The same difficulty, however, affects the existence of the disembodied human spirit.

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Within seconds, she had decapitated him and sent the disembodied head soaring across the room.

Accordingly, the soul of Eudemus, when it left his body, is said to be returning home: the soul is made subject to the casting of lots, and in coming from the other world to this it is supposed to forget its former visions: but its disembodied life is regarded as its natural life in a better world.

Apart from this general question, a difficulty arises on the Thomist theory in regard to the existence of spirits or disembodied personalities.