Sentence Examples with the word disdain

I know Quinn continued to disdain the underutilization of Howie's abilities.

She expressed disdain at the adulation the industry gives to beauty over talent.

They hold disdain for ordinary people who want to raise their living standards.

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With his intrepid spirit, his disdain for ecclesiastical authority and his strongly personal religious feeling, Francis I.

He showed his disdain for our childishness.

His energy, and his apparent disdain for the effete civilization which he protected, but which did not affect his character, make his personality one of the most interesting of the 4th century.

We must also have disdain for all things outside us, to make us, on due occasion, spit at the stars.

These changes may be attributed partly to the natural inner development of the system, partly to the reaction of the Roman mind 1 It is noted of him that he did not disdain the co-operation either of women or of slaves in his philosophical labours.

There is not in his history a trace of that rather gross adulation in which even Virgil does not disdain to indulge.

The women worked smoothly together in spite of Betsy's organized disdain for Martha's disorganized clutter.