Sentence Examples with the word discoverable

The positive proof of them is to be found in revealed religion, which has disclosed to us not only these truths, but also a further scheme not discoverable by the natural light.

No goal or purpose is discoverable in this eternal round; if the sun rises.

Another mode of manifestation of contractility by muscles is the rhythmic. A tendency to rhythmic contraction seems discoverable in almost all muscles.

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Some steps towards incorporation were doubtless taken, but it is remarkable that no traces of its municipal character are discoverable in any subsequent records.

If the relations involved in the fact of cognition are only those discoverable by observation of any particular portion of known experience, then such relations are quite external and contingent.

Its highest function is the contemplation of the divine unity, discoverable under the manifold of objects.

He published the results in his Roma (1550), in which the correspondence between every discoverable relic of the old city and the references to them in ancient literature was traced in detail.

Traces of this eclectic tendency are discoverable as far back as 280 B.C., but for practical purposes the dates of the school may be given as from about 30 B.C. to A.D.

We sharply distinguish that freedom which is the prerogative of human action from the necessary causation discoverable in nature.

This assumes that every philosophical truth is already contained somewhere in the existing systems. If, however, as it would surely be rash to deny, there still remains philosophical truth undiscovered, but discoverable by human intelligence, it is evident that eclecticism is not the only philosophy.