Sentence Examples with the word discouraging

In Egypt, Amasis had the occupation of each individual annually registered, nominally to aid the official supervision of morals by discouraging disreputable means of subsistence; and this ordinance, according to Herodotus, was introduced by Solon into the Athenian scheme of administration, where it developed later into an electoral record.

The ties which bound him to England were now severed, and his health was broken to such a discouraging degree that he determined to remove to another hemisphere.

The one discouraging feature, from the Christian point of view, is the backwardness of Christendom in its great enterprise.

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He entered upon his great work by a systematic publication of pamphlets and articles in journals and magazines in behalf of his reform, but for some years he met with a discouraging lack of interest.

Satisfactory as were the results of these two affairs at the end of the month from the point of view of the Allies, they did not render their situation at the extremity of the peninsula much less discouraging than it had been before.

In spite of the discouraging conditions in which they found themselves, and of the constant annoyance suffered from hostile artillery fire, the troops were in fair heart, while the tactical efficiency of the recently created divisions, which had not been of a high standard when they arrived in the theatre of war, had appreciably progressed.

The application of his doctrines, too, made by some of his successors had the effect of discouraging all active effort for social improvement.

Such were the discouraging conditions which weighed him down at the time of the interview with the tsar at Erfurt (September 27th - October 12th, 1808).

The system was revised in the 1830s because it was viewed as discouraging work by interfering with the laws of supply and demand relating to labor.

While strongly discouraging the arbitrary multiplication of public or private fasts, the English Church seems to leave to the discretion of the individual conscience every question as to the manner in which the fasts she formally enjoins, are to be observed.