Sentence Examples with the word discount

But we may discount most such talk in these writers as bellettristic pedantry, copied as a rule from Philo of Alexandria, their literary model.

This decrease was due to the liquidation of a number of large and small banks, amongst others the Bank of Genoa, the General Bank, and the Societ di Credito Mobiliare Italiano of Rome, and the Genoa Discount Bankestablishments which alone represented f4,84o,000 of paid-up capital.

In order to discount the chances of failure, Bonaparte warned the three Directors that Augereau was a turbulent politician, not to be trusted overmuch.

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A new loan, nominally of about eight millions sterling, but yielding little more than four, owing to discount and commission, was raised in Europe, but no funds were really available for its service.

Meanwhile the other powers had taken advantage of the reverses of the Russian arms to discount the effect of their ultimate victory by attempting to settle the Greek question.

It was the opinion of Petrarch that, had Urban remained in Rome, he would have been entitled to rank with the most distinguished men of his era; and, if we discount this single act of weakness, he must be classed as one of the noblest and best of popes.

When an amount will fall due at some future date, the present value of the debt is found by deducting discount at some rate per cent.

His grandfather was a respected tradesman in Worcester, and his father, who was born in that town in 1797, came up to London in 1820, and entered the office of a firm of discount brokers, in which he afterwards assumed a partnership. As a child the poet was delicate but studious.

A large discount has therefore to be made from the agreements between Diatessaron and Syr.

This election; discount as one will the contrary obsessions of men like Fisher Ames, Hamilton and Jefferson, the time was fateful.