Sentence Examples with the word disconcerting

He was, indeed, increasingly displaying a tendency to think and act for himself which, though never over-stepping the bounds of the constitution, was somewhat disconcerting to all parties.

Alphonso was now shaking himself loose from the deadening influence of the reactionary court, and was beginning to display a disconcerting interest in affairs, information about which he was apt to seek at first hand., The resignation of the see of Valencia by Archbishop Nozaleda was a symptom of the new spirit.

At Bucharest, whither he advanced after some weeks' delay, it became plain that he could not rely on the Vlach peasantry to rise on behalf of the Greeks; even the disconcerting expedient of his Vlach ally Theodore Vladimiresco, who called on the peasants to present a petition to the sultan against Phanariot misrule, failed to stir the people from their apathy.

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Snarling at each like dogs on a soup bone is just as disconcerting as keeping secrets.

His capricious humour elevated and deposed them with the same disconcerting suddenness.

However disconcerting such a revelation as this would have been to the theologians of an elder day, the Bible scholars of our own generation are able to regard it with entire composure.

The whittling away of its formal or organizing rubrics, as e.g., sameness into likeness, is disconcerting to science wherever the significance of the process is realized.

He found it both amusing and a bit disconcerting that both Sidwell women's initial reaction was to castrate him.

Pierre was still afraid that this officer might inadvertently say something disconcerting to himself.

She heard disconcerting sounds of heavy weapons fire in the distance, and the forest smelled as if it were burning.