Sentence Examples with the word discarded

The thoughts of the carelessly discarded bodies he'd strewn across American were inescapable.

The census of the 31st of December 1900 was strikingly defective; it was wholly discarded for the city of Rio de Janeiro, and had to be completed by office computations in the returns from several states.

He considered warning the Indian night clerk that they had a real winner wandering out on the sand in the middle of the night but discarded the idea.

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The system was for a long time the only one taught in the schools of Britain, even after it had been discarded by those in France and in other continental countries.

In Tahiti and Tonga clothing might be discarded without offence, provided the individual were tattooed; and among the Caribs a woman might leave the hut without her girdle but not unpainted.

The byssus is a collection of horny threads by which the sea mussel (like many other Lamellibranch or bivalve molluscs) fixes itself to stones, rocks or submerged wood, but is not a permanent means of attachment, since it can be discarded by the animal, which, after a certain amount of locomotion, again fixes itself by new secretion of byssus from the foot.

Grammar with its puzzling array of classifications, nomenclatures, and paradigms, was wholly discarded in her education.

The retreating blonde woman's rope and crampons lay discarded at the edge of the path, the bag from their recent purchase crumpled nearby.

The other day I substituted the words SMALL and LARGE for these signs, and she at once adopted the words and discarded the signs.

The nature of the breeding-place varies greatly according to the species, and while many of the mosquitoes that infest houses will breed even in the smallest accidental accumulation of water such as may have collected in a discarded bottle or tin, the larvae of other species less closely associated with man are found in natural pools or ditches, at the margins of slow-moving streams, in collections of water in hollow trees and bamboo-stumps, or even in the water-receptacles of certain plants.