Sentence Examples with the word disbelief

He braced himself for the fear or disbelief that did not come.

She'd expected horror or disbelief from him during the hour straight that she poured her heart out to him.

This cosmic theory is a curious combination of materialistic and abstract ideas; the influence of his master Telesio (q.v.), generally predominant, is not strong enough to overcome his inherent disbelief in the adequacy of purely scientific explanation.

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He vacillated between disbelief and agony.

C. Gorham to the benefice of Brampford Speke in spite of the latter's acknowledged disbelief in the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, brought to a crisis the position within the Church of England of those who believed in that Church as a legitimate part of the infallible Ecclesia docens.

He was frozen in disbelief that bordered on horror then suddenly swept her up into his arms.

But Cynthia's tone betrayed her disbelief in the words she was saying.

His disbelief was clear.

They'd sat for hours, until human-Deidre's distress faded and turned first to disbelief then hope then resolve.

His mouth dropped open, and disbelief crossed his features.