Sentence Examples with the word disappointed

No. I'd be disappointed and I'd come up with some form of punishment.

If she detected no smile, she gesticulated excitedly, trying to convey her thought; but if she failed to make her companion laugh, she sat still for a few moments, with a troubled and disappointed expression.

He was, however, disappointed in this, as after descending the course of the Macquarie below Mount Harris, he found that the river ended in an immense swamp overgrown with reeds.

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He was therefore deeply disappointed and distressed to find the old feeling of distrust still actively fomented by the press and some of the leading politicians of the country.

In his law practice he had disappointed himself and his friends, and he became despondent as to his future.

We had looked forward to seeing you there, and so we were greatly disappointed that you did not come.

I was slightly disappointed with the ending as I thought it was a little abrupt, but overall I enjoyed it.

In the internal administration during the first years of his reign he introduced by his personal influence, and without any great change in the laws, a more humane spirit towards those of his subjects who did not belong by language and tradition to the dominant nationality, and who were not members of the Eastern Orthodox Church; but he disappointed the men of liberal views by giving it to be clearly understood soon after his accession that he had no intention of circumscribing and weakening the autocratic power by constitutional guarantees or parliamentary institutions.

He offered the little children as the type of those to whom the kingdom of God belonged; and He disappointed a young and wealthy aspirant to His favour, amazing His disciples by saying that the kingdom of God could hardly be entered by the rich; he who forsook all should have all, and more than all; the world's estimates were to be reversed - the first should be last and the last first.

He had hoped to be made minister of finance, and was disappointed by the nomination of Necker, of whom he became a bitter opponent.