Sentence Examples with the word disappearing

A moment later, Elise darted by with a hand laser in her grip, disappearing between the same buildings.

The Asiatic and Malayan affinities of many of its animals, as well as the physical conditions of the bed of the Indian Ocean, make it highly probable that Madagascar, while once forming part of Africa, is the chief relic of a considerable archipelago formerly connecting that continent with Asia, its other portions being shown by groups of small islands, and by coral atolls and shoals, which are gradually disappearing beneath the waves.

Where ultimately disappearing terms have been struck out.

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Generally, however, they confined themselves to raiding on a grand scale and, encouraged by the Porte or the Muscovite, systematically devastated whole provinces, penetrating even into the heart of Poland proper and disappearing with immense booty.

Haunting buildings and famous ruins, gliding around pools, walls and trees, mysteriously disappearing below ground, the serpent and all its kind invariably arrested attention through its uncanny distinctiveness from bird or beast.

Death.s assassin turned and walked away, disappearing into the shadow world.

The Watcher Traveled, disappearing from Darian's grip.

About the time that Peter and Paul died in Rome the primitive centre of Christianity - that is to say, Jerusalem - was disappearing amidst the disaster of the war of the Roman Empire with the Jews.

Sirian and Rissa wound through the fortress before disappearing into a door guarded by two men.

These dangerous diseases are slowly disappearing as sanitary conditions are improved.