Sentence Examples with the word disagree

The civilizing process is not flawless, and we may disagree on the ways it has manifested itself.

I disagree with Nick here, the 1st foul looked innocuous, the second barely worth a booking.

Much as Dean hoped otherwise, he couldn't disagree with Fred.

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We.ll just say he doesn.t disagree with me.

Balashev respectfully ventured to disagree with the French Emperor.

It was a capital offence in the eyes of the State to disagree with the teachings of the Church, and these, it must be remembered, included a recognition of the papal supremacy.

Both the Saxon Chronicle and the Historia Brittonum record three subsequent battles, though the two authorities disagree as to their issue.

While I remained eager to discuss the conversation, I couldn't disagree with Howie's logic.

Previously, ministers had tried to spare the queen all disagree able and fatiguing details.

I don't disagree and God knows I have no more idea what's causing these vision but they're ruling his life right now.