Sentence Examples with the word disabling

Rigby had kept up a continuous fire with their pompoms and Lewis guns till two heavy shells got home on it, killing or disabling everyone there except Sergt.

Alexius, in order to escape such an ordeal, resorted to the abject expedient of disabling his right hand by a pistol-shot.

Heresy became henceforward a purely ecclesiastical offence, although disabling laws of various kinds continued to be enforced against Jews, Catholics and other dissenters.

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He'd spent hours on her, disabling her and then hurting her.

Muller), Scourfield has shown how it is adapted for movement back downwards in the water along the underside of the surface film, which to many small crustaceans is a dangerously disabling trap. (b) Bosminidae.

In March 1679 he protested against the second reading of the bill for disabling Danby.

I'm disabling the power.

He took her to church on Sunday, complimented her attire and fussed over her as if her injured shoulder was a disabling factor.

This concession, given under strong pressure from Russia, aroused the deepest resentment of the Greeks, and was the principal factor in the awakening of the Bulgarian national spirit which subsequent events have done so much to develop. Russian influence at Constantinople had been gradually increasing, and towards the end of 1870 the tsar took advantage of the temporary disabling of France to declare himself no longer bound by those clauses of the Treaty of Paris which restricted Russia's liberty of possessing warships on the Black Sea.