Sentence Examples with the word disability

A disability against the trade of Cyprus has been the want of natural harbours, the ports possessing only open roadsteads; though early in the 10th century the construction of a satisfactory commercial harbour was undertaken at Famagusta, and there is a small harbour at Kyrenia.

The policy toward people with a learning disability has been marked by deep ambivalence.

Appointments are for life, with pensions in case of disability and after a given number of years of service.

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Every living organism reacts to its environment; if the reaction is unfavourable, disability leading to ultimate extinction is the result.

Roman Catholics and all concerned in the Irish rebellion were permanently disfranchised and declared incapable of sitting in parliament, and those who had taken part in the war against the parliament were condemned to a similar disability during the first four parliaments.

All children between eight and fifteen years of age, and all between fifteen and sixteen years of age who are not regularly employed in some useful or remunerative occupation, must attend the public school all the time it is in session or a private school for the same time unless excused by the city or the county superintendent because of mental or physical disability or because of proficiency in the branches taught in the first eight grades.

Such conditions carried on the work of British inventors in helping to develop industries so strongly that manufacturers were able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the American Civil War (in spite of the temporary disability it entailed upon the cotton industry) and by the Franco-German War.

He may be impeached in one case only - namely, for high treason, on the motion of the Chamber of Deputies; and his only punishment, if found guilty, is the loss of his office and disability ever to hold it again.

The irony of this story was that the London bus that hit the woman and caused her disability was turned into a clinic for the disabled.

Walker, in 1882, and the disability and death of his successor, Charles W.