Sentence Examples with the word directorship

In the year 1881 the directorship of the museum was temporarily undertaken.

The fourteen years of his directorship were marked by a great increase in the activity of the institution.

In 1899, a directorship which he held until he went to Canada.

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In 1881 he handed over the directorship of the agricultural research station to his son, Remigius Heinrich Fresenius (b.

About 1770 he removed to Milan, where he continued to teach and to hold the directorship of the observatory of Brera; but being deprived of his post by the intrigues of his associates he was about to retire to his native place, when the news reached him (1773) of the suppression of his order in Italy.

Amongst the numerous scientific associations are the central statistical department, and the Budapest communal bureau of statistics, which under the directorship of Dr Joseph de KiirOsy has gained a European reputation.

He resigned the secretaryship of the Treasury in Dec. 1918 and the directorship of railways the following January.

Von Helmholtz in the chair of experimental physics and directorship of the Berlin Physical Institute.

Of Russia the directorship of the famous Staraya salt-works, living thenceforth in Russia.

The university of Pennsylvania began systematic excavations in 1889 under the directorship of Dr John P. Peters.