Sentence Examples with the word directness

Asconius Pedianus and Thrasea Paetus were natives of the town; and Quintilian speaks of the directness and simplicity of their diction as Patavinitas, comparing it with the artificial obscurity of the writers of Rome itself.

In the simplicity of his style, the directness of his narrative, the entire absence of any didactic tendency, Caesar presents a sat?ust.

He never equalled Clay in the latter's magnetism of impulse and inspiration of affection, but he far surpassed him in clearness and directness and in tenacity of will.

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But the chief peculiarity of his speech was its directness and appositeness.

These lectures reveal all the charm of style and directness of presentation which made Hausser's work as a professor so vital.

To this simplicity and directness of narrative we may in large measure attribute the fact that when two later evangelists desired to give fuller accounts of our Lord's life they both made this early book the basis of their work.

The strength of this remarkable tragedy lay, not in its inflated tone or exaggerated characterization - the restricted horizon of Schiller's school-life had given him little opportunity of knowing men and women - but in the sure dramatic instinct with which it is constructed and the directness with which it gives voice to the most pregnant ideas of the time.

His Gentle Shepherd, by its directness of impression and its appreciation of country life, anticipates the attitude of the school which broke with neo-classical tradition.

If he lacks the genius of Claudian, he also lacks his overloaded gaudiness and his large exaggeration, and the directness of Rutilius shines by comparison with the laboured complexity of Ausonius.

When we review St Mark's narrative as a whole we are struck, first of all, with its directness and simplicity.