Sentence Examples with the word directive

The mariner's compass, with which this article is concerned, is an instrument by means of which the directive force of that great magnet, the Earth, upon a freely-suspended needle, is utilized for a purpose essential to navigation.

With the deflector any inequality in the directive force can be detected, and hence the power of equalizing the forces by the usual soft iron and magnet correctors.

Soc., 1890, 48, 342) has demonstrated that it is quite unnecessary to assume either the directive force of Weber, the permanent set of Maxwell, or any kind of frictional resistance, the forces by which the molecular magnets are constrained being simply those due to their own mutual attractions and repulsions.

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Thus he demonstrated that the forms of the land exercise a directive and determining influence on climate, plant life, animal life and on man himself.

The work of the church was, however, directive rather than creative.

My only directive to our group was a strong suggestion we act unanimously.

Whether God's action is creative, or only (selective and directive in miracles, is beyond our knowledge; we at least do not know the powers exercised, whether new or old.

Very valuable work in devising forms of antennae for directive radio-telegraphy has been done by MM.

D, d, Directive mesenteries; st, stomodaeum.

Nobili (1784-1835) in 1825 conceived the ingenious idea of neutralizing the directive effect of the earth's magnetism by employing a pair of magnetized steel needles fixed to one axis, but with their magnetic poles pointing in opposite directions.