Sentence Examples with the word dipylon

The famous seat of the Platonic philosophy was a gymnasium enlarged as a public park by Cimon; it lay about a mile to the north-west of the Dipylon Gate, with which it was connected by a street bordered with tombs.

The walls of the city, now built under the direction of Themistocles, embraced a larger area than the previous circuit, with which they seem to have coincided at the Dipylon Gate on the north-west where the Sacred Way to Eleusis was joined by the principal carriage route to the Peiraeus and the roads to the Academy and Colonus.

The cemetery of Kerameikos outside the Dipylon Gate was being extensively excavated and restored, so far as possible, to its original 5th-century appearance by the German Institute in 1914.

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On either side of the Dipylon the walls of Themistocles, faced on the outside by a later wall, have been traced for a considerable distance.

To his time may be referred many of the buildings around the Agora (probably rebuilt on the former sites) and elsewhere, and the passage, or 8p4uos, from the Agora to the Dipylon flanked by long porticos.

The operations, which were carried on at intervals till 1890, resulted in the discovery of the Dipylon Gate, the principal entrance of ancient Athens.

The houses were hastily repaired, and the The Dipylon and Ceramicus.

The Dipylon consists of an outer and an inner gate separated by an oblong courtyard and flanked on either side by towers; the gates were themselves double, being each composed of two apertures intended for the incoming and outgoing traffic. An opening in the city wall a little to the south-west, supposed to have been the Sacred Gate (iep t riAn), was in all probability an outlet for the waters of the Eridanus.

Previous to this its people is chiefly known as the producer of a type of geometric pottery similar to the Dipylon ware of Athens.

A portion of the main road leading from the Dipylon to the Agora was discovered.