Sentence Examples with the word diplomatist

Accepting the position in which the Tudor king would have his great nobles, he became the faithful soldier, diplomatist and official of the new power.

It was due to his exertions as an organizer and a diplomatist quite as much as to the brilliant seamanship of Admiral de Ruyter, that the terms of the treaty of peace signed at Breda (July 31, 1667), on the principle of uti possidetis, were so honourable to the United Provinces.

CHARLES MAURICE DE TALLEYRAND-PERIGORD (1754-1838), French diplomatist and statesman, was born at Paris on the r3th of February 1754, though some accounts give the date as the 2nd of February.

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Forsaking the priesthood about 1864, he was employed as a diplomatist by the British government in Egypt, Asia Minor, the West Indies, and Bulgaria, being appointed resident minister in Uruguay in 1884; he died at Montevideo on the 30th of September 1888.

In return for this, or in hopes of more, he offered himself as a spy - or at any rate as a secret diplomatist - to Dubois.

At Campo Formio he showed himself the first diplomatist of the age, and the arbiter of the destinies of Europe.

The wily old diplomatist hoped to rule Florence as grand vizier under this inexperienced princeling.

The experienced diplomatist Cardinal Cesarini was accordingly sent to Hungary to reconcile Wladislaus with the emperor.

The bibliography of Voltaire is a very large subject, and it has been the special occupation of a Rumanian diplomatist of much erudition and judgment, Georges Bengesco, Bibliographic de Voltaire (4 vols., Paris, 1882-90).

Invested with supreme power at this perilous juncture, Stambolov displayed all the qualities of an able diplomatist and an energetic ruler.