Sentence Examples with the word diplomatically

Greatly elated by this success, he recommended to the council of boyars the construction of a powerful fleet for carrying on war with the infidel, and he himself went abroad to learn more about shipbuilding and useful foreign inventions, and to prepare diplomatically the projected crusade.

Upon his death in 465 - said to be due to the poison of Ricimer - this emperor-maker ruled the West for eighteen months without an emperor, and then accepted Leo's candidate Anthemius, diplomatically married his daughter, and for some time lived in peace with him.

Shane diplomatically acknowledged Elizabeth as his sovereign, and sometimes played the part of a loyal subject, wreaking his private vengeance under colour of expelling the Scots from Ulster.

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When General Edward Braddock arrived in Virginia in February 1755, Washington wrote him a diplomatically worded letter, and was presently made a member 1 Weems was a Protestant Episcopal clergyman, who first published a brief biography of Washington in 1800, and later (1806) considerably expanded it and introduced various apocryphal anecdotes.

In 1871 he accompanied Iwakura on an important mission to Europe,, 'which, though diplomatically a failure, resulted in the enlistment of the services of European authorities on military, naval and educational systems.

As he coveted Cyprus as well, the feud still went on, Rome continuing to interfere diplomatically but not effectively.