Sentence Examples with the word dinner

Tomorrow after dinner I shall take the Iberian icon of the Mother of God to the wounded in the Catherine Hospital where we will have some water blessed.

He well remembered the last interview he had had with the old prince at the time of the enrollment, when in reply to an invitation to dinner he had had to listen to an angry reprimand for not having provided his full quota of men.

Next day the prince did not say a word to his daughter, but she noticed that at dinner he gave orders that Mademoiselle Bourienne should be served first.

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I had a few drinks at dinner and I was sleeping like a log.

The members who were assembling for dinner were sitting about in groups; they greeted Pierre and spoke of the town news.

Returned home for dinner and dined alone--the countess had many visitors I do not like.

At dinner the prince usually spoke to the taciturn Michael Ivanovich more often than to anyone else.

A little flock of these titmice came daily to pick a dinner out of my woodpile, or the crumbs at my door, with faint flitting lisping notes, like the tinkling of icicles in the grass, or else with sprightly day day day, or more rarely, in spring-like days, a wiry summery phe-be from the woodside.

You didn't want to go out to dinner with me, and just now you practically cringed when I touched you.

We never go to all this trouble and expense of making a fine dinner in order that our friends may eat what is not good for them.