Sentence Examples with the word dining room

Martha scooted around them leaving Cynthia to try and hide her concern with a false smile as she led the quarrelsome foursome into the dining room with a plate of pastry.

They followed his parents into the house and Adrienne hesitated at the dining room door.

After Mass, when they had finished their coffee in the dining room where the loose covers had been removed from the furniture, a servant announced that the carriage was ready, and Marya Dmitrievna rose with a stern air.

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The open floor plan ran from the living area through a kitchen to a formal dining room area that had been converted into an office on the other side.

He takes a haughty attitude in the dining room when she refuses to eat her food.

Cynthia gave a not-too-well disguised harrumph and left the kitchen for the dining room with a plate full of breakfast.

A number of Bird Song's more recent guests were bickering over differing rules to Mexican Train Dominoes in the dining room while others were trading Boardwalk and Park Place in the parlor.

They were sitting around the dining room table, spellbound as Fred gave witness to past purchases and profits.

Hurrying up the stairs, she dashed through the dining room and grabbed the receiver.

At the appointed hour the prince, powdered and shaven, entered the dining room where his daughter-in-law, Princess Mary, and Mademoiselle Bourienne were already awaiting him together with his architect, who by a strange caprice of his employer's was admitted to table though the position of that insignificant individual was such as could certainly not have caused him to expect that honor.