Sentence Examples with the word diner

So when Mr. Cade strode into the diner Friday night, Cynthia's clothes were packed and stored in the back room of the diner.

The woman from the diner is here.

But it was a good hot meal that brought me into the diner the first time.

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The diner closes at ten.

Seeing her at the diner probably gave him the idea of getting help.

I hate it in town, and the diner is so... boring.

I guess that's what you meant in the diner when you told me to hold that thought.

Dean and Sackler drove about a mile down old Route 22 to a chrome and Formica railroad-car diner straight out of the fifties.

If all their conversations in the three months he had been coming to the diner were put together, it was doubtful that they would make a respectable paragraph.

If she went back to the diner she would be lonely and broke.