Sentence Examples with the word dimension

The linear dimension of the diffraction pattern is inversely as that of the aperture, and the brightness at corresponding points is as the square of the area of aperture.

While the resulting momentary glow wasn't much, it gave a different dimension to the landscape around him.

This spiritual dimension addresses the imperative for compassion among all peoples.

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The study of geography was advanced by improvements in cartography (see MAP), not only in the methods of survey and projection, but in the representation of the third dimension by means of contour lines introduced by Philippe Buache in 1737, and the more remarkable because less obvious invention of isotherms introduced by Humboldt in 1817.

Painting being less real than sculpture, because lacking the third dimension of space, and a kind of dream, admitted of much greater freedom of treatment than this last.

And every additional idea that does not merely derange an art enlarges it as it were by a new dimension in space.

Nevertheless, holding that every dimension has a principle of its own, he rejected the derivation of the elemental solids - pyramid, octahedron, icosahedron and cube - from triangular surfaces, and in so far approximated to atomism.

Where the ratio of the length to the least transverse dimension is higher, the load per square inch shall be proportionately reduced.

Differences of dimension and detail are numerous, but they do not suffice to mask what seems to be a resemblance in general plan.

Ashworth, 9 who showed that the temperature coefficient of permanent magnets might be reduced to zero (for moderate ranges of temperature) by suitable adjustment of temper and dimension ratio; also by R.