Sentence Examples with the word diluted

One part of quicklime is slaked with 6 parts of water, and the paste produced diluted with 24 parts of water; 2.3 parts of flowers of sulphur are added; and the whole is boiled for about an hour or longer, when the sulphur dissolves.

The latex coagulates readily, especially if churned or if diluted with water, when a purer rubber is obtained.

It is prepared by oxidizing potassium ferrocyanide with a diluted nitric acid.

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While these troubles were being experienced in England, attempts had been made in America to use acetylene diluted with a certain proportion of air which permitted it to be burnt in ordinary flat flame nipples; but the danger of such admixture being recognized, nipples of the same class as those used in England were employed, and the same troubles ensued.

After two or three hours the liquid is diluted till its density falls to 1.23, when it is passed through filter-presses to remove the insoluble ferric oxide and silica.

Thus in the case of copper, it is found that the diluted acid acts very slowly upon the metal at first, but as the reaction proceeds the copper dissolves more rapidly up to a certain point and then the rate of solution again diminishes.

The solutions are titrated (see below) and the acid solution diluted until equal volumes are exactly equivalent.

Hansen counted the number of yeast cells suspended in a drop of liquid diluted with sterilized water.

The fused mass is dissolved in dilute ammonia and diluted to about fifty times the weight of the silver it contains.

The copper is then dissolved in 5 cc. of nitric acid; if silver is present a drop or two of hydrochloric acid is added, the solution diluted to about 50 cc., and filtered.