Sentence Examples with the word digitalis

Saxat-ile), Gnaphalium sylvaticum, Digitalis purpurea.

The clinical influence of digitalis upon the heart is very well defined.

Almost equally striking is the fact that digitalis causes an irregular pulse to become regular.

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In large doses the action of digitalis on the circulation causes various cerebral symptoms, such as seeing all objects blue, and various other disturbances of the special senses.

The leaves of the foxglove, gathered from wild plants when about two-thirds of their flowers are expanded, deprived usually of the petiole and the thicker part of the midrib, and dried, constitute the drug digitalis or digitalis folia of the Pharmacopoeia.

Iron may, however, be prescribed in combination with digitalis by the addition of dilute phosphoric acid.

But digitalis is indicated whenever the heart shows itself unequal to the work it has to perform.

The initial action of digitalis is a stimulation of the cardiac terminals of the vagus nerves, so that the heart's action is slowed.

It is probable that digitalis increases the amount of water rather than that of the urinary solids.

These symptoms with more or less gastro-intestinal irritation and decrease in the quantity of urine passed indicate digitalis poisoning.