Sentence Examples with the word digital

By exploiting platform synergies, the organizations that successfully use several digital channels in a complementary fashion will unlock the full value of digital marketing.

Cheap sensors, precision farming, and the Digital Echo of a radish.

We have explored how the Digital Echo files will allow everyone to study human illness.

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Then imagine if you shared your Digital Echo with a billion other people on the planet.

By studying our collective Digital Echoes, we will unlock the mysteries of nutrition (and many a bar bet will be settled when this happens).

The additional possibility of access to all humans' Digital Echoes, to be studied for a million unnoticed causal correlations, will hasten the demise of disease as well and will increase quality of life and longevity.

The only non-business items were a digital clock and two framed pictures.

It should know what the food on my fork weighs, run a chemical analysis of every bite I take, and log it in my Digital Echo file for my future reference.

As noted previously, in the future much of what you do will leave a Digital Echo, a record of its occurrence, down to the very minutia of your life.

It used to be, for instance, that digital cameras competed on how many megapixels they had.