Sentence Examples with the word digestion

It has been well said of him in explanation of his success, that he lived eighty years and preserved his digestion unimpaired.

The distillate is freed from vanadium by digestion with sodium amalgam.

In chronic disease and in health the use of alcohol as an aid to digestion is without the support of clinical or laboratory experience, the beneficial action being at least neutralized by undesirable effects produced elsewhere.

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The health of the body depends upon the proper kind and supply of food, upon its proper digestion and absorption, on the proper metabolism or tissue-change in the body, and the proper excretion of waste.

The alchemists used the terms fermentation, digestion and putrefaction indiscriminately; any reaction in which chemical energy was displayed in some form or other - such, for instance, as the effervescence occasioned by the addition of an acid to an alkaline solution - was described as a fermentation (Lat.

The reproductive individuals have undergone an extraordinary simplification of the organs concerned with the collection and digestion of food.

The movements of bones and muscles were referred to the theory of levers; the process of digestion was regarded as essentially a process of trituration; nutrition and secretion were shown to be dependent upon the tension of the vessels, and so forth.

Columbium compounds are usually prepared by fusing columbite with an excess of acid potassium sulphate, boiling out the fused mass with much water, and removing tin and tungsten from the residue by digestion with ammonium sulphide, any iron present being simultaneously converted into ferrous sulphide.

Too much linseed, often used in preparing horses for market, gives a similar appearance, but is liable to induce fatty degeneration of the liver; given in moderation it regulates the bowels and stimulates the more perfect digestion of other foods.

This means that the appetite is strengthened, and digestion rendered more rapid and complete.