Sentence Examples with the word digest

Von PflugkHarttung, Die Bullen der Pdpste bis zum Ende des zwolften Jahrhunderts (Gotha, 1901), and a valuable digest in Jaffe-Wattenbach, Regesta pontif.

Allow him to digest the news.

Moore, History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to which the United States has been a Party (1898) 6 vols.

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His special interest in legislation for the working classes led him to be placed upon the Trades Union Commission of 1867-1869; he was secretary to the commission for the digest of the law, 1869-1870; and was from 1877 to 1889 professor of jurisprudence and international law under the council of legal education.

Surely he would ask when he was ready to digest that information.

As to the third complaint, that the compilers of the Digest altered the extracts they collected, cutting out and inserting words and sentences at their own pleasure, this was a process absolutely necessary according to the instructions given them, which were to prepare a compilation representing the existing law, and to be used for the actual administration of justice in the tribunals.

She read the paper again, struggling to digest that she just saw someone disappear.

This narrative, as written out by Adamnan, was presented to Aldfrith the Wise, last of the great Northumbrian kings, at York about 701, and came to the knowledge of Bede, who inserted a brief summary of the same in his Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation, and also drew up a separate and longer digest which obtained great popularity throughout the middle ages as a standard guide-book (the so-called Libellus de locis sanctis) to the Holy Places of Syria.

The meds in her system, the weakness from her injury, the night itself was too much for her to digest fully.

A few thus belong to the period to which the greater part of the Digest belongs, i.e.