Sentence Examples with the word dig up

The woman remembered the call because it took some work for her to dig up the old information.

You'll dig up your pot of money and take it away with you....

For centuries up until very recently, when the Catholic church was considering whether to raise someone to sainthood, they appointed a person whose job it was to dig up all the dirt on the candidate saint and make the case that the person should not be so elevated.

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Strange he would want to defend Howard after he had tried to dig up information on him.

Maybe I can fish around on the Internet and dig up some poop.

Because he was trying to dig up dirt on me so she'd leave.

It is said also to dig up the nests of wasps in order to eat the larvae, as the ratel - a closely allied South African form - is said to rob the bees of their honey.

I'll try to dig up an old case file if you decide you want my help.

I love you anyway and I've quit twisting your arm about trying to dig up the past.

To dig up sacred vessels hidden by Moses there (Jos.