Sentence Examples with the word dig

Maybe Aaron needs a little more time to dig his gold.

The fellow worker promised to dig around and telephone back.

For centuries up until very recently, when the Catholic church was considering whether to raise someone to sainthood, they appointed a person whose job it was to dig up all the dirt on the candidate saint and make the case that the person should not be so elevated.

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The Danes at once set to work to dig a great ditch by Southwark, and then dragged their ships through to the west side of the bridge.

Quicker or slower, the water that fills it will wash in sand and mud, and year by year this process will go on till ultimately the whole reservoir is filled up. The embankment is raised, and raised again, but at last it is better to abandon it and make a new tank elsewhere, for it would never pay to dig out the silt by manual labour.

No. Policing authorities at all levels are smart enough to accept the tips gratefully and not dig to disturb the source.

In all the colonies a complete departure from principles laid down by the leading political economists of the 1 th century was dig P 9 Y made when acts were passed subjecting every branch of domestic industry to the control of specially constituted tribunals, which were empowered among other important functions to fix the minimum rate of wages to be paid to all grades of workmen.

Jade, send some men to her apartment and dig around.

Hilly plateaus are still in the same geological phase, and are dotted with numberless lakes and ponds, while the rivers continue to dig out their yet undetermined channels.

The construction of irrigation canals and ditches was for the most part brought about by farmers joining to plough out or dig ditches from the rivers, descending on a gentle grade.