Sentence Examples with the word differently

But he employed Nordin quite differently from his episcopal colleague Olaf Wallqvist.

Especially; rather differently Ep. to Heb.).

Stories were whispered of how differently the two Empresses behaved in these difficult circumstances.

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Taking the carelessly expressed propositions of ordinary life, they do not perceive that similar judgments are often differently expressed, e.g.

As an accident of pregnancy, it is far from uncommon, although its relative frequency, as compared with that of completed gestation, has been very differently estimated by accoucheurs.

BRAHMAN, a Sanskrit noun-stem which, differently accented, yields in the two nominatives Brahma (neut.) and Brahma (masc.), the names of two deities which occupy prominent places in the orthodox system of Hindu belief.

All ancient writers agree in representing Naples as a Greek settlement, though its foundation is obscurely and differently narrated.

The genealogy of Haraldr is given differently in Saxo, but there can be no doubt of his historical existence.

The revenue receipts under the Republic have increased especially over those of the old regime in the item of customs duties; and the expenditure is very differently distributed.

He considered the first night they met and how differently it would have played out if he had caught up to her in the parking lot.