Sentence Examples with the word dictatorship

The dictatorship was resigned into the hands of a convention (February 1863) at Rio Negro, in Antioquia; a provisional government was appointed, a constitution was drawn up, and Mosquera elected president till 1864.

The emergency office of the early and middle Republic has few points of contact, except those of the extraordinary position and almost unfettered authority of its holder, with the dictatorship as revised by Sulla and by Caesar.

The Sardinian Admiral Persano's salute of nineteen guns on the occasion of Garibaldi's official call constituted a practical recognition of his dictatorship by the Sardinian (Piedmontese) government.

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The failure of the dictatorship and the inability of the monarchists to agree upon any common policy had discredited the existing regime, and at the general election of August 1910 the Republican candidates in Lisbon 1910.

He did not return till 82, during the dictatorship of Sulla.

These three currents combined to produce the three fundamental ideas of Bolshevism: the conquest of society by the proletariat class, the power of revolutionary instinct and the dictatorship of a compact minority.

Sulla retired to Puteoli after his resignation of the dictatorship in 79, and ten days before his death reconciled the disputes of the citizens by giving them a constitution.

Salemi, whence he issued a proclamation assuming the dictatorship of Sicily in the name of Victor Emmanuel, with Crispi as secretary of state.

Antonius in 44 B.C. carried a law abolishing the dictatorship as a part of the constitution.

In January Alexander had still upheld the ideal of a free confederation of the European states, symbolized by the Holy Alliance, against the policy of a dictatorship of the great powers, symbolized by the Quadruple Treaty; he had still protested against the claims of collective Europe to interfere in the internal concerns of the sovereign states.