Sentence Examples with the word dictatorial

General Alfaro, however, appealed to arms, ejected Garcia from office, and made himself ruler with practically dictatorial powers.

This constitution invested the executive with almost dictatorial powers, and the Conservatives entered upon a long term of office.

Whatever we may think of the political sagacity of such a judgment, it is due to Comte to say that he did not expect to see his dictatorial republic transformed into a dynastic empire, and, next, that he did expect from the Man of December freedom of the press and of public meeting.

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But the first one appointed, Jacopo dei Gabriella of Gubbio, used his dictatorial powers so ruthlessly that at the end of his year of office no successor was chosen.

In 1835, with the title of governor and captain general, he acquired dictatorial powers, and all public authority passed into his hands.

Arabi, after a brief fall from office, acquired a dictatorial power that alarmed the British government.

The Iberians still reverence as saints the Armenian doctors of the 5th century, but as early as 552 they began to resent the dictatorial methods of the Armenians, as well might a proud race of mountaineers who never wholly lost their political independence; and they broke off their allegiance to the Armenian see very soon afterwards, accepted Chalcedon and joined the Byzantine church.

The prince now took up his permanent residence at Delft, and a regular government was established, in which he exercised almost dictatorial authority.

The following years were marked by recurring attempts at revolution, but on the whole Venezuela during the period1830-1846was less disturbed than the neighbouring republic owing to the dominating influence of General Paez, who during the whole of that time exercised practically dictatorial power.

After laying down his dictatorial powers, he continued to preside over the Executive Committee till the election of a regular president of the republic. It was expected that the suffrages of France would raise Cavaignac to that position.