Sentence Examples with the word dichotomy

A dichotomy of views is urgently needed on the immediate horizon.

The dichotomy of nature versus nurture is an ongoing debate.

This is the case, for example, with Diplotmema, a genus only differing from Sphenopteris in the dichotomy of the primary pinnae, and with Mariopteris, which bears a similar relation to Pecopteris.

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Aristarchus of Samos observed at Alexandria 280-264 B.C. His treatise on the magnitudes and distances of the sun and moon, edited by John Wallis in 1688, describes a theoretically valid method for determining the relative distances of the sun and moon by measuring the angle between their centres when half the lunar disk is illuminated; but the time of dichotomy being widely indeterminate, no useful result was thus obtainable.

The division within this case study mirrors the perceived dichotomy between the left and right brains.

The later examples of the Politicus show that the permission of three or more coordinate species is not nugatory, and that the precept of dichotomy is merely in order to secure as little of a saltus as possible; to avoid e.g.

Reading theories brings assumed dichotomy about them.

The conference focused on the dichotomy of public and private education.

They reject the old dichotomy of left vs. right politics.

There is a fundamental dichotomy within this concept.