Sentence Examples with the word dichotomous

Pp. 302-327) some of the fallacies of Macleay's method, and in return provoked from him'a reply, in the form of a letter addressed to Vigors On the Dying Struggle of the Dichotomous System, couched in language the force of which no one even at the present day can deny, though to the modern naturalist its invective power contrasts ludicrously with the strength of its ratiocination.

This genus, from the Permo-Carboniferous of Autun, is represented by large, fleshy, reniform leaves or leaflets, with radiating dichotomous venation; the vascular bundles have in all respects the structure of those in the leaves of Cycads or Cordaiteae.

In Dictyotaceae the apical cell occasionally divides longitudinally, and thus the dichotomous branching is provided for.

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Compound Umbel of Dichotomous Cymes,Laurustinus.

In the Lower Carboniferous of Scotland Mr Kidston has found several specimens of a large dichotomous thallus, with a very distinct midrib; the specimens, referred to the provisional genus Thallites, much resemble the larger thalloid Liverworts.