Sentence Examples with the word dichasial

In the natural order Carophyllaceae (pink family) the dichasial form of inflorescence is very general.

In addition to the dichasial form there are others where more than two lateral axes are produced from the primary floral axis, each of which in turn (From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.) FIG.

The so-called catkins of the birch are, in reality, spikes of contracted dichasial cymes.

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In Saxifraga umbrosa (London-pride) and in the horse-chestnut we meet with a raceme of scorpioid cymes; in sea-pink, a capitulum of contracted scorpioid cymes (often called a glomerulus); in laurustinus, a compound umbel of dichasial cymes; a scorpioid cyme of capitula in Vernonia scorpioides.