Sentence Examples with the word diazonium

Nitro compounds have also been prepared by the action of cuprous oxide on diazonium salts (T.

Diazobenzenecyanide, C 6 H 5 N 2 CN, is an unstable oil, formed when potassium cyanide is added to a solution of a diazonium salt.

Benzene diazonium nitrate, C 6 H 5 N(NO 3): N, crystallizes in long silky needles.

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Sandmeyer, Ber., 1887, 20, p. 1494) by the action of copper powder on the double salt formed by the addition of potassium mercuric nitrite to diazonium nitrites; and by the oxidation of primary aromatic amines (E.

The most easily obtained mixed azo compounds are those formed by the union of a diazonium salt with the potassium or sodium salt of a nitroparaffin (V.

By the addition of potassium bromide and bromine water to diazonium salts they are converted into a perbromide, e.g.

Soc., 1907, 91, p. 1049) suggested a quinonoid formula for diazonium salts, which has been combated by Hantzsch (Ber., 1908, 41, pp. 353 2 et seq.).

This hydroxide, although possessing powerful basic properties, is unstable in the presence of alkalis and neutralizes them, being converted first into the isomeric benzene-diazotic acid, the potassium salt of which is obtained when the diazonium chloride is added to an excess of cold concentrated potash (A.

The diazonium salts are characterized by their great reactivity and consequently are important reagents in synthetical processes, since by their agency the amino group in a primary amine may be exchanged for other elements or radicals.

Metallic Diazo Derivatives.-Benzene diazonium chloride is decomposed by silver oxide in aqueous solution, with the formation Of benzene diazonium hydroxide, C 6 H 5 N(OH): N.