Sentence Examples with the word diametral

In the most general case two points may be chosen on the line of intersection of the diametral planes, and tangents drawn to the pitch circles of the pulleys.

Guide pulleys are set with their diametral planes in the planes containing corresponding pairs of tangents, and a continuous belt wrapped round these pulleys in due order can then be run in either direction.

The rims of pulleys, round which flat bands are wrapped, may be truly cylindrical, in which case the belt will run indifferently at any part of the pulley, or the rim may be swelled towards the centre, when the central line of the band will tend to run in the diametral plane of the pulley.

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By similar methods, a circular plate may be made to exhibit nodal lines dividing the surface by diametral lines into four or a greater, but always even, number of sectors, an odd number being incompatible with the general law of stationary waves that the parts of a body adjoining a nodal line on either side must always vibrate oppositely to each other.

Respectively; E1E1 a bar sliding in a diametral groove in the face of Di; E2E, a bar sliding in a diametral groove in the face of Di: those bars are fixed together at A, so as to form a rigid cross.

When pulleys are mounted on shafts which are parallel to one another, the band will retain its position, provided that its central line advances towards each pulley in the diametral plane of this latter.

Another class of figures consists of circular nodal lines along with diametral lines (fig.