Sentence Examples with the word dial

A dial tone followed.

The dial between 30 and 32 indicates the screen in use.

She hit the speed dial button.

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The motion of the fork is maintained by the clock acting through an escapement, and the dial registers both the number Koenig's of vibrations of the fork and the seconds, minutes and Tuning-fork hours.

This can be effected (after setting the axis) by rotating Cs until a needle indicates true time on the hour dial B.

There followed a long pause, followed by an abrupt thank-you and a dial tone.

There must be two sets of elevating gears, one which brings the axis of the gun and the sights together on to the target, thus finding the angle of sight and also pointing the axis of the gun at the target, and a second by which, independent of the sight which remains fixed, the elevation due to the range can be given to the gun and read by means of a pointer and dial marked in yards for range.

I was listening to a dial tone.

To facilitate the setting of the range the ranges are shown on a dial which can be read from the side of the mounting, from where also the sight can be set.

The effective number of turns in the coil surrounding the test rod can be varied by means of three dial switches (for hundreds, tens and units), which also introduce compensating resistances as the number of effective turns in the coil is reduced, thus keeping the total resistance of the circuit constant.