Sentence Examples with the word diagrammatic

By photography and diagrammatic records the clinical work of hospital wards has been brought into some better definition, and teaching made more accurate and more impressive.

The position of the gonad, best seen in the diagrammatic section (fig.

Mark a cessation of growth in the Diagrammatic transverse more internal meristematic rings.

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Nulariidae, Syringoporidae, B, Diagrammatic longitudinal section Tubi oridae and Favosi- of a corallite, showing two platforms, t i dae In the first-named p,and simple and cup-shaped tabulae, t.

B, Diagrammatic transverse section of Gonactinia prolifera.

Mollusca, and it is possible to construct a diagrammatic mollusc, as was first done by Lankester, which will possess these primitive features.

For diagrammatic purposes each member is sufficiently represented by a straight line terminating at the two joints; these lines will be referred to as the bars of the frame.