Sentence Examples with the word diadem

Long after the Goths had lost Rome they still clung to Ravenna, till at length, weary of the feebleness of their own king, Vitiges, and struck with admiration of their heroic conqueror, they offered to transfer their allegiance to Belisarius on condition of his assuming the diadem of the Western Empire.

The papal tiara (a Greek word, of Persian origin, for a form of ancient Persian popular head-dress, standing high erect, and worn encircled by a diadem by the kings), the triple crown worn by the popes, has taken various forms since the 9th century.

Leovigild,, 567586 The first Visigoth king who as sumed the diadem and purple, struck coins in his own name, and enforced recognition of his supremacy in all parts of Spain, except the south coast.

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The linen or silk diadem was eventually exchanged for a flexible band of gold, which was worn in its place round the forehead.

In 143 Tryphon murdered the young Antiochus and assumed the diadem himself.

It is desirable to remember the distinction, for, although diadem and crown are now used as synonymous terms, the two were originally quite distinct.

In Asia Alexander learnt that Bessus had taken the diadem as Darius' successor in Bactria, but so soon as he marched against him Aria rose in his rear, and Alexander had to return in all haste to bring the revolt under.

Tiridates himself visited Rome and was there invested with the diadem by Nero (AD.

Thus the medieval and modern crowns may be considered as radiated diadems, and so the diadem and crown have become, as it were, merged in one another.

The diadem could be worn round the kausia; the chlamys offered scope for gorgeous embroidery; and the boots might be crimson felt (see the description of Demetrius' chlamys and boots, Plut.