Sentence Examples with the word diabetic

The d modification is of the commonest occurrence, the other forms being only known as synthetic products; for this reason it is usually termed glucose, simply; alternative names are dextrose, grape sugar and diabetic sugar, in allusion to its right-handed optical rotation, its occurrence in large quantity in grapes, and in the urine of diabetic patients respectively.

It forms a valuable treatment in diabetic coma and eclampsia, acting by diluting the toxins in the blood.

They claim they can produce one kilogram of human insulin per acre of safflower, which would be enough to treat 2,500 diabetic patients, and estimate they could meet the exploding global demand for insulin with only three commercial farms of genetically modified safflower.

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It is present in very small quantity in normal urine, in the blood, and in larger quantities in diabetic patients.

In the animal kingdom it occurs in the urine of diabetic patients and of persons addicted to alcohol.

Hence it is of the utmost importance to avoid the use of salts of this metal whenever it is necessary - as in diabetic coma - to increase the alkalinity of the blood rapidly.

Unfortunately the situation is analogous to diabetic pregnancies in that sudden stillbirth may occur without evidence of prior fetal compromise.