Sentence Examples with the word dexterity

This position was-in the main due to a dexterity in conducting causes, and especially in examining witnesses, in which he had no rival at the Irish bar.

The situation, though apparently favourable, was full of difficulty, and only a statesman of uncommon dexterity could have guided Austria with success through the ensuing years.

His distinguished abilities and his dexterity as a copyist of MSS.

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But great personal qualities supplemented his political dexterity and sagacity.

By great dexterity he succeeded in turning public attention almost solely to the fact that Britain had not evacuated Malta.

He showed, however, considerable dexterity in playing off the emperor against Alexander III.

His dexterity was amazing.

Constantin Negrutin, who was at first influenced by the Russian poets, notably Pushkin, successfully translated poems of Victor Hugo, and rivalled Konaki in his dexterity and fidelity to the original.

On the 21st of November at Bristol he insisted on his programme being adopted, and Mr Balfour was compelled to abandon the position he had held with so much tactical dexterity for two years past.

In a political mission to settle certain disputes in the province he showed his dexterity in managing men.