Sentence Examples with the word dewar

The process patented by Dewar and Redwood in 1889 consists in the use of a suitable still and condenser in free communication with each other - i.e.

In 1866 Sir James Dewar proposed an unsymmetrical form (II); while in 1867, A.

Fleming and Dewar determined the susceptibility of liquid oxygen (Proc. Roy.

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It may be remarked that, whereas Fleming and Dewar employed the ballistic method, their specimens having the form of rings, Honda and Shimizu worked magnetometrically with metals shaped as ovoids.

Fleming and Dewar (loc. cit.

SIR JAMES DEWAR (1842-), British chemist and physicist, was born at Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland, on the 20th of September 1842.

Henderson and of Dewar and Fleming.

He admitted the possibility of the formulae of Kekule, Claus, Dewar and Ladenburg, although as to the last di-trimethylene derivatives should be possible reduction products, being formed by severing two of the prism edges; and he attempted to solve the problem by a systematic investigation of the reduced phthalic acids.

The relative merits of the formulae of Kekule, Claus and Dewar were next investigated by means of the reduction products of benzene, it being Baeyer's intention to detect whether double linkages were or were not present in the benzene complex.