Sentence Examples with the word devouring

It took every ounce of her willpower to keep from devouring his body with her eyes.

In addition to all sorts of vegetables and fruits, the squirrel is exceedingly fond of animal food, greedily devouring mice, small birds and eggs.

But at length, such calamities did ensue in these assaults--not restricted to sprained wrists and ankles, broken limbs, or devouring amputations--but fatal to the last degree of fatality; those repeated disastrous repulses, all accumulating and piling their terrors upon Moby Dick; those things had gone far to shake the fortitude of many brave hunters, to whom the story of the White Whale had eventually come.

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Ten minutes later, she sat at a picnic table, devouring the crispy-sweet treats.

The prey is sometimes stung in the neighbourhood of the nerve ganglia, so that it is paralysed but not killed, the grub of the fossorial wasp devouring its victim alive; but this instinct varies in perfection, and in many cases the larva flourishes equally whether its prey be killed or not.

The country suffers also from periods of excessive heat and general drought, while locusts occasionally sweep over the land, devouring every green thing.

Resigned to the inquisition, he settled down in his chair with two cans of beer and a piece of apple pie, devouring the pie with a combination of guilt and gusto.

Belonging to a noble and ancient line, and destined for the army, he passed most of his time in the library of the family castle of Roquetaillade, devouring books in different languages and on almost every variety of subject.

These creatures feed chiefly on carrion, and thus perform useful service by devouring remains which might otherwise pollute the air.

He leaned forward, picked up his fork and began devouring his supper without further comment.