Sentence Examples with the word devotional

It is loosely used to describe any exalted strain of devotional melody.

In 1833 he made a series of translations from the Spanish, with an essay on the moral and devotional poetry of Spain, and these were incorporated in 1835 in Outre-mer: a Pilgrimage beyond the Sea.

These were mainly of a mystical and devotional kind, and were inspired by St Bernard, J.

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His English devotional commentary on the Psalms follows very closely his Latin Expositio Psalterii, which he based partly on Peter Lombard's Catena.

Liguori is the chief representative of a school of casuistry and devotional theology still abundantly represented within the Roman Church.

Drysdale's devotional commentary (London, 1906).

He was singularly fitted for intellectual debate, but his devotional tendency was equally strong with his logical aptitude.

His lectures, now framed in a devotional spirit, were heard again by crowds of students, and all his old influence seemed to have returned; but old enmities were revived also, against which he was no longer able as before to make head.

The servant handed him a book which Pierre took to be a devotional work, and the traveler became absorbed in it.

But the most celebrated devotional expedition before the Crusades was that of the four bishops - Sigfrid of Mainz, Gunther of Bamberg, William of Utrecht, and Otto of Regensburg.