Sentence Examples with the word devonshire

S Halifax note-book in Devonshire House collection, quoted in Foxcroft's Life of Halifax, ii.

The Exmoor is a horned breed of Devonshire moorland, one of the few remaining remnants of direct descent from the old forest breeds of England.

In the south-west there is a fairly extensive lowland in south Devonshire watered by the Exe in its lower course.

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Robur; in the mild climate of Devonshire and Cornwall it has reached a height of TOO ft.

He superintended every step of the progress of the building and of the purchase of the very valuable collection of apparatus with which it was equipped at the expense of its munificent founder the seventh duke of Devonshire (chancellor of the university, and one of its most distinguished alumni).

On July 14th the reconstituted Liberal-Unionist organization held a great demonstration in the Albert Hall, and Mr Chamberlain's success in ousting the duke of Devonshire and the other free-trade members of the old Liberal-Unionist party, and imposing his own fiscal policy upon the Liberal-Unionist caucus, was now complete.

The central offices and reference library of the Society of Friends are situate at Devonshire House, Bishopsgate Without, London.

He remained president till 1908, in which year he was chosen to succeed the 8th duke of Devonshire as chancellor of Cambridge University.

For a eulogistic sermon on the first duke of Devonshire he was in 1707 recommended to the deanery of Peterborough.

Other small-fruited pears, distinguished by their precocity and apple-like fruit, may be referred to P. cordate, a species found wild in western France, and in Devonshire and Cornwall.