Sentence Examples with the word devices

Barsbai appears to have excelled his predecessors in the invention of devices for exacting money from merchants and pilgrims, and in juggling with the exchange.

The slag is a waste product, and the flue-dust, collected by special devices in dust-chambers, is briquetted by machinery, with lime as a bond, and then resmelted with the ore-charge.

Armorial devices of the gentry first appear on seals at the close of the 12th century; and from that time there is a gradual development of the heraldic seal, which in the 14th century was often a work of fine decorative sculpture.

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The account of the manner in which the Buddha is said to have overcome the wicked devices of this apostate cousin and his parricide protector is quite legendary; but the general fact of Ajatasattu's opposition to the new sect and of his subsequent conversion may be accepted.

One of the Horsemen devices was recoded.

Yet the best safety devices are made in America, and means of reducing these death records are well known.

Hydrodynamical methods received increased attention and the investigation of the movements of the ocean by means of physico-mathematical devices developed as a result of the older work of Bjerknes, continued chiefly by Helland-Hansen and Sandstrom.

Various devices are adopted for the protection of the eggs from mechanical injury or from the attacks of enemies, and for fixing them in appropriate situations.

For the next century the rate of progress was slow, though the ideas of Volta in Italy and the instrumental devices of Sir.

If more than one, recourse is to be had to certain devices of method, in the enumeration of which the methods of agreement, difference and concomitant variations3 find a place, beside the crucial experiment, the glaring instance and the like.